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From now on we offer composite gas tank cylinders with an 80% filling stop valve from the latest production and a safety pressure certificate (TÜV) until 2030. 3 different sizes are available. The 12.7 and 18.2 litre gas tank bottles are ideal as portable containers for all outdoor activities, such as picnics, fishing or even barbecues.

The 24.5 litre composite gas cylinders are available with a cost-effective 1-hole (OPD) valve as well as in the established multivalve version (extraction and filling separately).

The weight of composite gas cylinders is lower than that of conventional steel or aluminium gas cylinders. The gas cylinders can be filled with Auto gas (LPG, butane/propane mixture) and stop the refuelling process as soon as a filling level of 80% is reached.

The robust plastic housing does not have to be repainted and is easy to clean.