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We are pleased to present you the new fuel anti-theft protection systems of the Italian manufacturer Lago Genesis.

The systems offer excellent protection with fast cost amortisation. The installation is very easy and can be done in a few minutes by a specialist company.

You can find detailed installation instructions in the following video.

Expand your service and product range today and offer your fleet customers the optimal solution at a low price. The fuel theft systems are available for trucks, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery.

Ultimate Protection

KOCKÒN has no openings: it’s impossible to insert a hose or anything else to reach the tank contents.

Fast Refuelling

The fuel flows through specially designed internal parts without turbulence, backsplash or overflow.

Simple Assembly

KOCKÒN is assembled in seconds, the double bayonet lock does not require any mechanical modifications, screws, adhesives or seals. Only an ordinary oil filter wrench is required.

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