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LPG-FIT Flex line is a practical and flexible alternative to rigid pipes and conventional cutting ring fittings. In addition to the equivalent of classic 6 mm and 8 mm lines, the system also offers an alternative to LPG filling hoses with pre-pressed and pre-cutted 1/2" fittings.

A solution also exists for natural gas (CNG) systems. Here, however, the fittings would have to be pre-assembled at the factory. Please contact us for an individual solution.

The thermoplastic hose is already used as OEM solution in Prins and Vialle autogas systems.

A maximum of flexibility and accuracy of fit can be achieved with cut-to-size meter goods.

Fittings are suitable for the individual assembly situation

Inner core Nylon (Polyamide 6)
Bond Chemically bonded inner core and reinforcement
Outer shell Nylon (Polyamide 6), black
Burst pressure 370 Bar
Working pressure 90 Bar
Working temperature -40°C to +125°C



Overview 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm
Inner diameter 5.2 mm 6.6 mm 8.0 mm
Outside diameter 8.0 mm 9.8 mm 12.2 mm
Bending radius 35 mm 75 mm 90 mm
Weight 34 g per metre 43 g per metre 65 g per metre